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From Dreams to Design
We believe that all dreams come from the heart.
Yet we also realize that it takes skill and artistry to weave a dream into the perfect design.
We strive to simplify your projects, your success, and your life
whether it is your five star business launch or a cozy family portrait.

Photography... capturing the beauty of life!
DesignBin Studios (Stacee Taft Photography) offers stunning portrait photography in addition to our graphic design. Because we do both graphic design and photography we can take the portraits we capture of you and create amazing and unique business cards, jewelry, photo cards, bookmarks, announcements, invitations, coffee table books, thank you cards, magnets, Christmas cards... We love what we do and it shows!

For additional details, pricing, questions or a link to our portfolio... please visit StaceeTaftPhotography.com. We look forward to working with you!

Graphic Design vs. Desktop Publishing
Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing (DTP) are not the same thing. DTP is a perpetual thorn in most graphic designers' sides. Anyone can go buy a "drag-and-drop" type program that combines text, stock graphics and scanned images into a tolerably mediocre design.

Graphic design, on the other hand, is the art of creating an elegant solution to a challenging problem. This creative process has to span the chasm between assumptions people have of how something should be or look and new imaginative ideas. DesignBin Studios is able to merge the two into one, making it seem effortless and apparent once a solution is found.

"All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them." ~Galileo Galilei.

The same is true of a great design. Once discovered it will feel like the obvious solution - our job is to help guide our clients to that point.

With over 14 years of experience taking original ideas and creating a professional solution, DesignBin Studios strives to exceed our clients’ expectations by supplying them with creative and unique designs.

There is competition in every field - what our clients say about their company is critical in maintaining and expanding their reputation and client base. Clients know, better than anyone, the ins and outs of their company. Hence, DesignBin Studios listens to the clients’ viewpoint and guides them through the design process to a piece that clearly reflects their company.

Our second biggest goal is to help our clients succeed by giving them design solutions to make them look professional.
And meanwhile, our work distinguishes their company in their area of expertise. This goal is superseded only by our primary goal...to enjoy what we do.

©2012 DesignBin Studios. All Rights Reserved.

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